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bluestraw specializes in providing IT resources for .Net development, web services, and related Microsoft technologies. We provide talented people for project-based, contract-to-hire, long-term support, or teams for out-sourced projects. Once you have worked with us, Iím sure that bluestraw will become your preferred consulting firm.

As you know, as an independent consultant, you have to look out for yourself. Many consulting firms have only one approach. That approach is to bill your client for top dollar and pay you the smallest percentage they can get you to accept. If you ask for more money, you only get excuses. Then, eventually, you learn they are paying other consultants more than you! What can you do about it? Just keep reading.

bluestraw Consulting Company is owned and operated by current and former consultants. We understand the frustration many of you experience. That is why we have structured our pay plan to be straightforward and fair to everyone.

The minimum pay for your first completed contract is 80% of your hours billed. You receive 70% throughout your contract and then a lump sum completion payment of 10%. After each 2000 hour billing increment, your rate is increased 1% up to a maximum loyalty increase of 5%. However, if you have MCSD.NET or MCPD.NET certification, you are paid 1% more from your very first hour billed.

We think this is a very fair agreement. No more hassles or stress over what you are paid. If you do the math, we are sure you will be happy with this income. Feel free to visit our blog and add your feedback.

We look forward to working with you!

bluestraw Consulting Company