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Good developers needed.


All placement firms promise to carefully screen and deliver technically competent developers for your IT projects. bluestraw actually delivers on that promise. We are IT professionals and, through our rigorous screening process, identify qualified individuals with both proven technical ability and a thorough understanding of the underlying technologies.

Technology Know-How

bluestraw developers are chosen for their depth of experience and demonstrated skills. By being ready to jump in when they arrive, they can be productive from the first day on the job. Our developers have demonstrated skills in these areas:

  1. System Architecture
  2. Software development life cycle
  3. Object Oriented design and analysis
  4. Distributed or client-server applications
  5. Smart Client Applications
  6. Portal and integration technology

Professional Candidates

Each bluestraw developer offers impeccable credentials, including:

  1. Extensive.Net development experience
  2. Object oriented design, analysis, and implementation
  3. Development of distributed or client-server applications
  4. Proficiency in all phases of the software development life-cycle
  5. Microsoft Certification

Placement Options

Our consultants are available for short-term, long-term, or permanent placement. We offer:

  • Project-based consultants
  • Contract-for-hire
  • Employee recruitment
  • Long-term support
We can also provide a team of exceptional staff, working off-site for projects that you want to out-source.

The bluestraw Advantage

Since we are also IT professionals, we understand and appreciate the value of adherence to IT best-practices and standard methodologies. Whether you are in the initial planning phases or need support at a critical phase of development, our technical knowledge helps us find the right match. We know our consultants and can assure you that they are professionals who understand their role in the successful completion of any project. To assure the quality of our candidates, we present only professionals who share our dedication to effective methodologies and practices.

We Place IT Professionals

bluestraw developers are ready to support and enhance your internal IT resources at any phase of the development process. Through their deep experience in a wide range of application development and integration areas, bluestraw professionals help you maximize your development dollars. We use professionals who are not only technically proficient, but who also understand the underlying technologies and who recognize the importance of team cohesion.

Suited to Your Needs

bluestraw strives to match the right consultant or employee with your unique needs by carefully looking at your:

  • Existing use of technology
  • Business practices
  • Relative strengths of existing staff
  • Unique challenges and goals
  • In-place methodologies
  • Evolving business

Please call to discuss your project needs. We will be happy to meet with you on site to hear your requirements and outline bluestraw’s fees and services. Our goal is always to exceed your expectations. Call Tim Tracy at (612) 221-3330 or e-mail: or